We're proud to announce that Chattahoochee County School District has been named "BEST of US School Districts 2023"  by Business View Magazine.  View the Publication about ChattCo HERE

Congratulations Chattahoochee County School District Named BEST of US School Districts 2023  by Business View Magazine.  View the Publication about ChattCo Here: https://businessviewmagazine.com/brochures/nov-2023/Chattahoochee-County-School-District/


The staff of Chattahoochee County Education Center believes that ALL students can learn and achieve mastery of essential skills. We believe that our school's purpose is to educate each student to his/her highest level of academic performance and to develop productive global citizens. We accept responsiblity for accomplishing this mission.


Our Elementary School is pledged to the academic, social, and emotional growth and development of our students. We believe that all students can learn when motivated, provided with quality instructional materials, and taught in a safe non-threatening environment by caring teachers.Instruction focuses on the long term goal of enabling students to become responsible, contributing citizens of Chattahoochee County and the world. Teaching methods are grounded on knowledge of child growth and development and on sound child learning theories, and abilities of the individual students. Instruction is relevant and meaningful to the student and should allow for exploration and creativity.Chattahoochee County Elementary School recognizes the home-school partnership. Parents and Community members are contributors to the student's education and are welcome participants at school. Effective, frequent school-home communication is essential.


Chattahoochee County Schools is comprised of three campuses serving PreK - 12th grade. Chattahoochee Valley Academy serves the 475 students of Chattahoochee County High School. With 250 students in grades 6-8, multiple opportunities exist for a personalized, rigorous and engaging middle school program. Approximately 330 students from PreK to fifth grade are enrolled in the Chattahoochee County Education Center. In addition, programs are available for eligible three and four year olds through the Head Start program. Chattahoochee County Schools offers daycare services for children age 6 weeks to 3 years old as well as a robust before and after school program for children up to age 12 years old.


Located 10 minutes south of Columbus, and bordering the south side of Fort Moore, Cusseta has a population of approximately 3,500. The county has an excellent recreation center which supports the county football, baseball, basketball, soccer, and cheerleading programs. The Cusseta-Chattahoochee Public Library, a part of the Chattahoochee Valley Libraries, serves our community and provides access to a broad range of materials, events, and services. Riverbend Park provides boaters, fishermen, and campers access to the Chattahoochee River while two additional park areas prove a fun place for children. Safe, family friendly, and appreciative of the natural commodities available in the county, Chattahoochee County aims to support families in reaching their dreams while enjoying the peace of mind that a supportive community brings in our "One Heart Beat" town.