National Suicide Prevention Week- FreeYourFeels campaign

Today launches the #FreeYourFeels mental health awareness campaign! Join us in empowering Georgia’s young people to speak out and express their real feelings, encouraging adults and peers to listen judgment-free, and connecting everyone to resources.

For Young Kids

Everyday conversations with young children teach them that their voice is a powerful tool. Take 10 minutes to ask how you child is feeling today.

For School-Age Kids

Kids deal with some pretty heavy stuff. Parents, guardians, teachers, coaches and friends, ask them to share their feelings with you. Go to  #freeyourfeels Need immediate help? Call 1-800-715-4225 to talk to a mental health professional and download the MyGCAL app for your teen to use.

For more information
Gwenetta Sullivan- Echols, LCSW
Chattahoochee County School District
System School Social Worker/ Wraparound Services Educator
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