Welcome to the Chattahoochee County School District website! The mission of the Chattahoochee County School District is to prepare all students for college and career readiness as they grow to be productive contributors in society. In ChattCo, we accomplish this by Instilling Pride, Igniting Passion and reaching Infinite Possibilities!

To make our vision become a reality, the system maintains alignment and focuses on our three strategic goal areas of teaching and learning, community and family, and workplace and organizational culture. We believe that by implementing the goals in these focus areas allows us to live out our values:

  • We value instructional practices that develop future driven students to prepare them for life beyond school.

  • We value parent and community engagement.

  • We value serving our students and community through service oriented leadership and practice.

Because these values guide our work, we continuously challenge ourselves to reflect on what we can do to better prepare students for the future. Innovative teaching and real life learning must be our priority every day for students to confidently navigate the future. ChattCo has embarked on our journey to embed applicable learning experiences aligned with workplace needs to more thoroughly connect every student to the world through their choice of employment, enlistment, or enrollment after graduation.

Working together with regional partners in the Chattahoochee Valley and partnering with parents, we have been led by the dreams of students to design and build opportunities in our quest of operating as a K-12 college and career ready system. We take pride in the accomplishments of our school system and recognize that the true measure of our success lies in how our students, parents and community feel about what we are doing. Our schools seek to provide challenging academic and extra-curricular opportunities that prepare students to become productive contributors in society. With a rigorous curriculum and high expectations, we put students first through a student-centered, meaningful approach for real life learning.

ChattCo is a unique school system due to the diversity of our student population and to the experiences our students bring in the classroom. Though we are located in a small, rural community, our student population represents over ten countries, and our classrooms are filled with students who have been educated globally due to our recognition as a military friendly school system. We are proud to support students whose experiences range from rural South Georgia to those who have experienced the largest, global schools available. This is our One Heart Beat community, and we welcome you and your family as we work together to serve your children and provide a high quality education to every child.

In Service,

Kristie Brooks

Kristie Brooks, Ed.D. Superintendent, Chattahoochee County School District 

A photo of Kristie Brooks.