One in ten of Georgia's children have a sensory, emotional, physical, intellectual or language disability that may inhibit learning? Many of these disabilities are subtle, so they go unnoticed. As a result, children may have trouble in school, at home and with their peers. The earlier these disabilities are discovered and identified, the more effectively they can be managed. That means the child will have every chance to be successful in life.

Under IDEA, The Individuals with Disability Education Act, the Georgia Department of Education and Chattahoochee County School System have a mission to locate, identify, and evaluate each child—birth through 21 years of age—with a suspected disability, and to provide appropriate educational services to these children throughout Georgia. We need your help to find these children.

Calling "Child Find" can lead to a more successful life experience for a child. A child will learn more during the first five years of life than in the next fifty. They will learn how to talk, walk, feed, and dress independently. It is very crucial that this opportunity to learn and develop be afforded to every child. The sooner these problems are identified; the sooner assistance can be provided. Once a child's disability is identified and evaluated, an Individualized Education Program (IEP) can be created to meet that child's specific and unique educational needs.

For more information and assistance about free educational services that are available for children with disabilities, call the toll-free number for CHILD FIND, 800-282-7552 or contact Dr. Allison Rodriguez (, Director of Special Education-Chattahoochee County School System at (706) 989-3775.