June 30, 2020


Dear ChattCo Community:

Thank you for your continued support and positive thoughts as we have all faced a very unique time that has heightened our anxiety and encouraged us to better consider how we can be a good neighbor to those around us. During the time since the school closure on March 13, 2020, the administrative team has worked together with local health agencies and state leadership to consider viable options for our school system. Your participation in the community survey and feedback has provided this team significant insight into the direction you would like considered. With nearly a 40% return rate from the community survey, 93% of the respondents indicated that virtual learning would not be a viable option for the Fall of 2021, and almost 60% indicated that a hybrid model would not meet the needs of students. With this in mind, a re-opening plan has been drafted for Chattahoochee County Schools that includes a family’s right to choose in-person instruction or enrollment in a full-time, virtual instructional platform.

As partners in your child’s education, we must all work together and abide by the expectations communicated in the re-opening plan. Because individuals have a variety of needs and preferences, the system has worked to provide options. Our goal is to serve each student in a way that allows for the continued development of health, social-emotional and instructional needs.

All of us are very excited to welcome students back whether a parent selects in person instruction at the school building or the full-time virtual option. Please know that our return will require changes to behavior and a willingness to engage in flexibility and understanding. Between today and our anticipated return date of August 12, 2020, decisions are likely to require some revision based on the spread of disease, infection rates and Executive Orders from elected officials. By engaging in decisions as good citizens and taking preventive precautionary measures to slow the spread of infection, there is a much greater likelihood of a return to school as planned in the Re-opening Plan. Please be aware that decisions made today are based on current data and subject to change.

To have a successful school year, working together is more crucial than it has ever been. We have a challenging school year ahead of us, and we can overcome these obstacles by complying with expectations, communicating needs, and showing understanding to others.



Kristie Brooks, Ed.D.


Download the announcement:  https://5il.co/hx2c