July 2020 Reopening Survey

Panther Community: As we approach the currently proposed August 12th start date, your input is requested. On June 1st, many of you completed a survey regarding needs and plans for a return to school. We received a 40% response rate with 93% of respondents indicating that the desire was for children to return to in person school. As of July 15th, 14% of our student population has registered for the full-time virtual school option.

Over the last 72 hours, there has been a 38% increase in positive COVID cases locally, and the confirmed positive cases in neighboring counties continue to increase.  Local school systems will receive information for consideration and planning from The Department of Public Health and medical professionals from our regional hospitals in the coming weeks. The purpose of this survey is to collect your input at this point in time given the current status of our community, your needs, and concerns.  Your participation and input through completing this survey is greatly appreciated. 

Re-opening Survey July 2020