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1. The first day of school for students will be August 12th. The current plan is for all schools to operate in person.

2. To reduce the need for in person enrollment, on-line class registration and on-line student enrollment procedures will be available at soon.

3. Preventive, sanitation measures are in place to include: use of cleaning/disinfecting protocols for custodians who are under contract and monitored by a national cleaning service.

4. Because frequent hand washing will be encouraged and expected, hand sanitizer will be included as a required school supply. Additionally, the system has installed hand washing stations throughout all facilities to provide access to automatic dispensing machines to increase frequency of hand washing as a preventive measure.

5. Water fountains that are designed to fill up water bottles will be available so that drinking from water fountains can be discouraged. Students will be encouraged to bring water bottles from home.

6. Though the use of face coverings can be a challenge for some, the expectation for faculty and staff to utilize face coverings of their preference while inside in a group setting will be in place.

7. All students are highly encouraged to utilize school appropriate face coverings when inside in a group setting to promote healthy practices.

8. Open House will utilize a live zoom and pre-recorded sessions for families. Links and access will be made available on August 10, 2020. Specially scheduled appointments will be made for families whose child may need to access the classroom and building prior to the first day of school. Parents are to contact the building level administrator to make this request.

9. Schools will limit visitors and access will only be provided in extenuating circumstances and confined to specific areas of the building. Screening measures will be in utilized as a preventive measure.

10. Where feasible, teachers of grades K-8 will rotate to students and grades 9-12 will rotate by grade level.

11. Where feasible, classrooms will be arranged to increase space between students with desks in same direction and no personal furniture in classrooms.

12. Meal times, class changes, and dismissal times will be staggered to prevent large gatherings. 13. Where feasible, fresh air or recycled air will be used on the school bus with an expectation for students to wear face coverings while on the bus.

14. Loading and unloading of buses will occur in a systematic manner with students assigned to seats and sharing seats with family members when possible. Load back to front and unload front to back.

15. Technology has been placed in the community with Wi-Fi extenders in all school system building parking lots and will be added at the Recreation Department parking lot.

16. All students and employees are expected to stay home if they have any illness or symptoms of illnesses to include any low-grade fever. It is expected that any person who has tested positive for a contagious illness or anyone who has had close contact with an infected person will remain home as directed by CDC guidelines.

17. If a student does not attend school due to preventive measures (low grade fever, etc.), the student will have the opportunity to be counted present for online instruction if they complete the available lesson (google classroom, item emailed from teacher, etc.). The parent will need to email the homeroom teacher to initiate this process. Teacher webpages will be available on the school’s website for specific information.

18. Parents will be given the option to select virtual instruction. Virtual instruction will be a school-parent-student agreement that will require regular engagement by the student and enrollment for one semester. An agreement must be signed which indicates the student will participate for at least one semester. Students enrolled in virtual instruction will receive a license agreement through a technological platform for online instruction.

19. In the event that the school is made aware of a positive case of an infectious disease, parents will be notified through a standard letter. The school and the contracted custodial service will initiate the deep cleaning protocol.

 20. Please be aware that the in person school plan for the 2020-2021 school year is subject to change. In the event that an extended school closure becomes necessary, various plans are available to provide for students’ health, social-emotional and instructional needs.